Let the magic begin! Your wedding dress is the most important dress you will ever wear, so we give you your own fully experienced bridal consultant, who will start the process of finding your perfect dress by finding out all about YOU....your personal style, taste, the venue and all aspects of your wedding day will be considered in assisting you choose dresses to try from our extensive range.

Then the fun starts... With your ideas and our input, we select a choice of dresses to start trying.  Once we've found "the one" we complete your wedding day look with veil and accessories, giving you a good idea of your final look on the big day.

Our top tips for a successful wedding dress shopping trip! 

  • We advise you bring no more than one or two people with you - trust us, too many opinions can leave you confused and overwhelmed, just Mum or best friend/chief BM is ideal. As our bridal suite is enclosed and private, we do need to restrict numbers to allow everyone to move around comfortably!
  • If at all possible we ask you to avoid bringing children to the appointment, in order that you may relax and completely enjoy the experience.
  • The sample dresses come in several different sizes, and we have sample sizes from 8 - 24, but please don't worry about this. Part of having a professional consultation with our skilled stylists means that you can be fitted and pinned as required and this will really help you to see how you will look in your <strong>correctly sized wedding gown.
  • You do not need any special underwear or shoes at your initial appointment but a nude strapless bra and nude seamless briefs will allow easy try on of most dresses.  You may find a pair of your own shoes, with a heel height you are comfortable with useful, but we do have sample shoes to try with the dresses.
  • We encourage you to bring pictures along of any dresses you love from magazines/internet etc. and to have an idea of what your dream dress would be to give us a starting point - but keep an open mind..many brides leave with something totally different than they envisaged. A lot of dresses have no "hanger appeal" but come to life on a body, so be prepared to try on dresses out of your comfort zone - you may be surprised.
  • Don't worry if you don't get an emotional connection with a dress straight away - some brides know as soon as they put the dress on, other brides just never get that tearful moment. Either way, you should be comfortable with your choice of dress and ensure that the final decision is yours - it's your wedding day and you that will be wearing the dress. Although opinions can be helpful, the final choice of wedding dress should be yours alone.